Fumigation Services

The term “fumigation” may be daunting, but we can assure you that Diamond Bar Pest Control is a team of pest control experts when it comes to different fumigation techniques. We understand how difficult it is to think about large tents, leave the building for quite some time, and use fumigants in your workplace. That is why we do whatever we can to appease your concerns with our professionalism and courtesy.

When localized methods fail, our fumigation methods are needed. Spot treatments and other approaches are often insufficient to eradicate an infestation that is too large or difficult to eradicate. We also provide fumigation services for pests in containers, silos, warehouses, and other locations.

The good news is that fumigation typically only requires one application to eliminate pests such as stored product pests, fleas, cockroaches, termites, and other wood-destroying pests. We often employ a process that leaves no residue, odor, or film on the surfaces we disinfect.

Do you want to get your home or business fumigated? Make an online appointment with a Diamond Bar Pest Control fumigation specialist today.


Termite Fumigation Services


Check on Diamond Bar Pest Control experts to provide affordable and dependable termite fumigation services for your home or company. We aspire to be eco-friendly, and we will do anything possible to safeguard your home and family.

We keep up to date with the latest methods and chemicals to ensure a good termite treatment that removes the hazard and prevents termites from returning. Our termite treatment program focuses on getting to the root of the issue. This entails erecting a tent over the structure and using a gas that penetrates the wood to eliminate termites and their colony.

Treatment of Grain and Food Produce

Fumigation treatment by Diamond Bar Pest Control is an easy and cost-effective method of eradicating pest insects in bulk commodities. This ensures that cargo fumigation procedures can be used to combat infestations in bulk consignments prior to shipment. This will ensure that shipments are transported in a secure and contaminant-free manner.

Grain and bulk goods such as chocolate, sugar, nuts, dried fruit, coffee beans, animal feed, and other raw materials used in food and feed manufacturing are treated with Diamond Bar Pest Control’s fumigant gas. Fumigation destroys all stages of the insect pest’s life cycle, with the added advantage of non-tainting and leaving no pesticide residue.

The fumigant must be given enough time to function effectively. The ‘exposure era’ refers to the time spent ‘under gas.’ The best results are obtained in around eight days when the fumigant is used at ambient temperatures, but this takes slightly longer in the winter season.


Diamond Bar Pest Control’s Fumigation Solutions

We will ensure the most appropriate type of treatment for your particular pest control requirements because we have access to various fumigation solutions.

Fumigation of Tobacco and Commodities

Anything from tobacco and grain to personal effects imported or exported from one country or region to another is considered a commodity. The product can be in a loose container load, a container, or a silo by itself. Products are treated with a gas, chemical, or other procedure to eliminate the possibility of pest infestation.

Container Fumigation

Using containers to transport goods in shipments between countries is a cost-effective and well-established method. Container fumigation is the treatment of a product inside a container, or the container itself, to reduce the risk of pests entering or leaving the country or region and keep foreign pests and potentially dangerous illnesses out of the country. In certain cases, fumigation certificates will be required before entering the port.

Since wood insects, such as termites, pose a significant contamination danger, any lumber packaging must be fumigated to prevent these insects from entering the destination country. Containers may be cleared at the receiving dock to ensure that there are no infestation problems. We deliver container fumigation services, which entails sealing the container with a gas-proof fumigation tarp and sanding all of the edges to achieve and preserve a gas seal.


Silo fumigation

Silo fumigation is an inexpensive way to handle vast quantities of grain items like cereals, livestock feed, or sweets while still in their storage vessel (e.g., a silo). It is a viable and cost-effective alternative to container fumigation.

  • To save time and money, the majority of silo fumigations are performed. As opposed to container fumigation, large amounts of goods can be handled in one process at a reasonably low price.
  • The stored commodities’ consistency would not be harmed or degraded.
  • Using a silo fumigation facility ensures that the finished product is free of insect specimens or fragments.

Fumigation for your home

Diamond Bar Pest Control not only provides commercial fumigation services, but we also specialize in residential fumigation. Fumigation is often the only remedy for a widespread epidemic, whether it’s termites, bed bugs, or another insect. Our home fumigation specialists undergo regular training to keep up with all current laws and technologies, ensuring that you receive the safest and most successful care possible. Although fumigation may seem to be a frightening prospect, your professional will work with you to ensure that you are completely prepared. Diamond Bar Pest Control is dedicated to keeping you, your neighbors, and your pets healthy. To learn more, please contact us today.